Monday, June 14, 2021


A Technical and Critical Analysis of EZDSK

ezdsk, ezdsk review, ezdsk blog, cryptocurrency news, bitcoin, crypto trading, litecoin, ripple, dash, bitcoin cash, broker, blockchain, trading platform, trading guide, finance, ezdsk magazine, assets, chart, investment, CalculationsToday, it has become a phenomenon that the people, who have little or less knowledge, think that they can become professional brokers though the reality is bitter. One thing is for sure that not everyone can become professional brokers. However it takes full composure, dedication and commitment and requires that the initiator must have complete knowledge of the trading industry, its assets and pros and cons. Though it is true that even most of the experienced brokers have initiated the online brokerage business but miserably failed.

So our today’s review is regarding an online brokerage firm called “EZDSK”. We will put EZDSK under the microscope and will review it technically and critically to determine as to what an online brokerage firm like EZDSK must have and what it should not have.

A crypto trading brokerage firm

When one visits the website of EZDSK, he will notice that it is a platform which is used exclusively for the purposes of crypto asset trading as well as forex trading through crypto currency. To me this is a good thing because as per my experience I have gone through various online brokerage firms who are involved in providing various trading assets to be traded in. The backdrop of such brokerage firms is that they cannot focus on any one particular trading asset as a result, only those assets which are majorly popular among the traders are frequently traded and the rest of the assets are overshadowed.

Crypto as primary source of trading



While there had been a major problem with crypto owners who were only able to sell, purchase or exchange cryptocurrencies. However, with the evolution in the cryptocurrency world, today the uses of cryptocurrencies have been increased which allow their owners now to use it for trading purposes. The best out of the all cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Rippel and others and if one closely look into the business of EZDSK, he will notice that all these popular cryptocurrencies can be easily traded in at the platform of EZDSK.

Taking a lead

To me this is a plus point which in turn gives an advantageous lead to the customers of EZDSK because where there is an opportunity, they have nothing else to focus on instead their entire focus at all times remains towards crypto trading only.

While looking at the objectives, ambitions and mission statement of EZDSK, it is no different from others but like others it claims itself to be an industry leading service provider, but the opinions differ from persons to persons.

However, the interesting thing to note about EZDSK is the trading account which has been made available by EZDSK in multiplication. So far there are 6 trading accounts namely Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. All these accounts require minimum deposit ranging from Euros 1000 till the maximum of Euros 250,000 for anyone to own the account and acquire the rights of trading from the platform of EZDSK.

Interestingly each account has its own distinct features different from the others. The most important features to note in these accounts are allowing access to the traders into education center and daily market reviews. They come with the facility of providing dedicated account managers to the owners of the account. Others features such as availability of pro webinars, price alerts, PIA Trading and SMS signals, personalized trading strategy and 1-on-1 trading trainer are also provided to the owner of the trading account.

To me there are only a few brokerage firms who are capable of providing multiple account choice and even if they can, then the mandatory deposit amount has been kept rather high and very low, which shows that there is no balance and that the brokerage is not well-equipped. In my view again EZDSK deserves another plus point.

It is also relevant for the purposes of critical analysis to look into the deposit, withdrawal and account opening policies. It can be seen that the brokerage accepts deposits in various currencies via debit/credit card and bank wire transfer. The secondary modes of payment can be through other popular sources such as Bancontact, Ideal, Sofort, Ripple etc. With regard to opening an account with EZDSK, the process is relevantly easier in which only fewer details and documents such as ID Card or Driving License, Passport, Utility Bills etc. can be used for verification purposes and once the verification is done, anyone can own the trading account.

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Learning and Education

Another important looking feature of EZDSK is that it is not only a trading platform which only allows its customers to trade on the basis of cryptocurrency, but it is an institute of learning and education also. There are various e-books, video tutorials, articles, writing pieces and guidebooks relating to the crypto trading which can all be used by the owners of the trading account maintained with EZDSK. Though the learning and education beforehand is must, yet crypto trading is such which can be learned while on the job. So again another plus point goes to EZDSK.

Corporate Responsibility

Since the company is carrying on a lawful business which is registered with the governing body, I have noticed that the policies such as Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Return and Refund etc. have been duly disclosed. Being always too curious, I never ignored reading out in full the policies of the brokerages. So to me this is yet another plus point which has been earned by EZDSK.

24/6 available of customer support

Last but not the least important is the customer support service of EZDSK which remains available 24 hours a day and 6 days a week. This means that the customers of EZDSK are duly taken care of whenever they face a problem. To me what lays the foundation of a service provider like EZDSK, is its customer support team which, if not fully equipped, will result in downgradation of the brokerage business. This is another plus point for EZDSK.


Though I wanted to add a tiny bit more criticism but having gone through the website of EZDSK thoroughly, I am certain that its customers would be having an experience of their lifetime where they will not only be able to explore better crypto trading opportunities but their investment will definitely borne fruit in the very near future.